Conquering Freedom!

Conquering Freedom!

I was told the same things growing up as everyone else. Follow the system, conform to society and be average… go to school, get good grades, get a good job.

Then slave away until retirement!

I’m sorry, but no.

I remember it like yesterday when I first got excited about becoming an entrepreneur…

The freedom to travel and do what you want when you want to without that dictation from a boss at your “normal” job – a lifestyle you truly want but never understand how to achieve…

On top of time freedom, the no-cap income potential was exciting to me.

After working just 3 years in the corporate world straight out of school, I’d had enough.

I could no longer accept “the grind” as reality.

At my lowest point – I quit.

I quit because I wasn’t happy. I knew if I didn’t initiate a change… nothing would change.

I didn’t know exactly what I was going to do, but I had an idea.

I did know that I wanted to be an entrepreneur one way or another because I knew that there had to be a better way to make a living than what we are taught by society – conformity.

I also knew that there were many people living the freedom lifestyle I wanted!

And you know what?

ALL of them were entrepreneurs 😉

I realized that the corporate working life was not all it was said to be.

I wasn’t willing to live for the weekends and ultimately an insecure retirement DECADES later.

Additionally, I was sick of money always being an issue. I no longer wanted financial hardship to be a deciding factor on whether you can do something or not do something. If you want to do something, you should be able to do it – and money shouldn’t be the reason why you don’t!

This old income mentality that we are all taught, trading time for money… making someone else rich and living for retirement – or those 2 weeks of holiday each year… was now officially, non-existent in my mind 🙂

This was really where my journey began.

My story and “why” for beginning this journey is simply this…

I was 21 years old with no experience, no contacts, no knowledge, and no mentors…

But you know how sometimes when you have a burning desire to accomplish something, you always seem to find a way? Things always seem to work out?

Well, that was me. That desire was on fire!

Being very new and naive, while lacking direction… over the next few months, I developed the “shiny penny syndrome” jumping from opportunity to business opportunity within the online space looking to make a quick buck and ultimately create that “laptop lifestyle” I so desired.

I wish I came across this program much earlier as I ended up wasting a lot of money in those other “opportunities” that in turn, got me absolutely nowhere.

I worked hard (so I thought) and I did. The problem was, I had no real focus, no real direction – I was just all over the place. I was working hard but I wasn’t doing certain things in a certain way. I wasn’t focusing my time and energy on that one thing in particular that actually mattered for real results…

After all the time, energy and money I invested into what I thought was getting me somewhere… when I looked at my sales data – I had nothing. No results.

I got disappointed and frustrated…

I was doing all the wrong things but didn’t know it.

With things not working out as I’d hoped and expected, I started to have doubts.

Doubts in my business venture, but also, doubts in myself.

But the quiet voice inside kept telling me, that I would figure it out one way or another.

If others could do it, I could do it too!

So I decided to stay and give this one more shot.

Around the same time I was having these doubts, I was lucky enough to stumble upon a mentor who I wholeheartedly resonated with. Someone who had the experience I was lacking and someone who was teaching the skillsets I was desperately needing.

But above all?

This mentor was teaching the proper MINDSET – the missing piece in order to achieve true success in life.

You see, they don’t teach traits of a successful mindset in the traditional education system.

When was the last time you heard a lecture on how to set goals?

That’s right. It doesn’t happen. They teach you how to conform – how to be a worker bee.

Healthy mental hygiene is what’s missing from our society. It’s missing because people like you and I were unaware. It’s the advantage successful people in the elite 4% have over the remaining 96% and it’s the difference between success and failure. It’s also the difference between accepting a life of average and learning how to create a life of abundance.

I had to recondition myself and my mind from the inside out. Nothing I had learned, nothing I was taught in life up to this point, was going to ultimately get me where I wanted to be.

As I learned the difference, I began to change, and as I changed, I saw the potential. I bought into the bigger vision…

And now I would never turn back!

I decided to plant my flag with this amazing program and my future – and how I see it – has never been brighter 🙂

My friend, if you’re trying to build your dream right now and if you’re anything like me when I was starting out – trying a range of different “opportunities“ that didn’t work… while lacking mental clarity and focus – then I hear you.

But whatever you do, please do not give up.

I’m so glad I persisted even when everything screamed at me to “give up!”

Sometimes one little thing is all you need to completely change everything.

For me, that little thing was finding one mentor and one mentor only that I truly resonated with. Altering my mindset, and doing everything they said to do because they HAD the results I wanted. Additionally, I was taught how to do those certain things in a certain way in order to achieve the results I strived for.

That was it, that was the ticket!

Finding that one amazing mentor and listening to ALL of their advice, changed my life instantly.

Look, I want to encourage you… encourage you to keep going if you’re struggling right now.

Keep going with whatever it is and searching for whatever that little thing may be that will completely change your course!

Both the journey and the destination itself are important. Those lessons you learn along the way… ups and downs, victories and disappointments… make you stronger and shape you into the person who you’ll become along the way.

These experiences are more valuable than education itself. It is the knowledge and wisdom you acquire along this journey called life and the journey towards success, the decisions you make along the way and ultimately how you pay it forward, that really counts.

Today, I love what I do within this community – helping aspiring entrepreneurs become GREAT and break free from the average life you’ve been taught to live… that’s what keeps me going!

Helping others create their own freedom and actually succeed is the ultimate reward 🙂

If you’re reading this, I may or may not personally know you…

But if you’re reading this (and still reading this) I think maybe you resonate with this message on some level – whether you realize it or not. If you’re anything like I was in the beginning… I sincerely invite you to check out The FourPercent Challenge.

I don’t want to sell you on it or whatever. I’m just saying – if you’re struggling with your current business venture or even struggling in any financial aspect of life right now… if you want somebody to take you by the hand and be your daily guide, show you exactly what to do, how to do it, and how to change your mindset in order to achieve the results you desire…

Without confusion, frustration, or overwhelm…

If you’re looking for something real that can honestly help you get the results you want, if you’re sick and tired of all the hype, overload, no results, and want to learn how to create the financial freedom you truly deserve…

Just listen to me when I say: check out The FourPercent Challenge.

No exaggeration – this can quite literally change your life! As it did mine.

Right here is your unsaturated opportunity for success…

I remember when I used to dread Sunday’s because that would mean getting ready for and driving back to work for the week. Now I look forward to Monday’s and the week ahead because I know it’s a new week of business and I truly enjoy what I’m doing!

No matter how you look at it, life is short. So don’t waste your priceless time settling for a life of ordinary. Make it extraordinary.

Don’t settle for the life we’ve been taught to live.

Don’t settle for that mundane 9-5 corporate lifestyle.

Don’t accept literally living for the weekends or those two weeks of freedom out of the entire year as your reality.

Take control and live fully on your own terms – it’s YOUR life and don’t you dare let ANYONE tell you otherwise!

Our world is abundant with opportunities and everyone deserves the success and financial freedom this online industry has to offer – but only as long you’re willing to do what it takes.

There’s no time for excuses for not taking action on the things you want in life because this time WILL pass anyway and you can never get it back – regardless if you make changes or not.

If you don’t initiate the change… then indeed, nothing will change. This is entirely up to you.

Pay the price now, so you can pay any price in the future!

Apologies if this post was a little too long, but I hope it inspires you to move forward and perhaps give it one more shot.

I’m telling you – the only way to fail in anything you do, is to give up.

We are living in a time of digital revolution with an abundance of unique and redefined income opportunities. Choosing the right one and taking massive action are keys to your success.

If you’ve read up to this point, if you’re still here… you’re here for a reason and I’m willing to bet you’re looking for something more in life, something that’s truly missing… the freedom.

Whether that’s the time freedom or financial freedom you’re looking for – or both – just know, it’s worth it.

The freedom is worth it. It’s worth the hard work and persistence. It’s worth overcoming those challenges! It’s worth changing your mindset for. Deciding to remain stuck in the 9-5 grind trading time for money – is not.

Don’t settle for average… create the life you deserve!

I wish for you my friend, a life of true freedom and abundance that I know you want and deserve – because I know… it’s more than possible!

Anything is possible if you set your mind to it 🙂

If I can help you in any way – this is it.

You’ve got this, and you can do it.

Just don’t you dare give up!

~ James

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