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``Don’t be a sheep that follows the herd. Follow the path untraveled,
because the grass uneaten, will always be greener!`` —James Woodyatt

Who am I and why should you care?

Hey! My name is James ~

From Vancouver BC 🇨🇦 I’m an online entrepreneur and thrill-seeking adventurist who’s making things happen in the real world... I’m directly associated with a highly respected group of online marketers that for over a decade now, have been helping beginners create real breakthroughs in their business and life; teaching skills that are not and cannot be taught in the most expensive of traditional educational institutions. Including programs like Internet Traffic Mastery, The Challenge, and Wealth Building Blueprint.

I love what I do within this community, helping aspiring entrepreneurs become GREAT and break free from the average life we've been taught to live... that's what keeps me going! Helping others create their own freedom and succeed is the ultimate reward 🙂

If you're anything like me when I was starting out online - trying a range of different ``opportunities`` that didn't work... while lacking mental clarity and focus - then I hear you. Everyone deserves the success and financial freedom this online industry has to offer - but only as long you are willing to do what it takes. If you're looking for something real that can truly help you get the results you want, if you're sick and tired of all the hype, overload, no results, and want to learn how to create the freedom you truly deserve without overwhelm... I dare you to take The FourPercent Challenge! This is literally your daily guide from $0 - $10K and beyond online — enroll yourself below! 👇

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No matter how you look at it, life is short. So don’t waste your priceless time settling for a life of ordinary. Make it extraordinary. Don’t settle for the life we’ve been taught to live. Don’t settle for that mundane 9-5 corporate lifestyle. Don't accept living for the weekends or those two weeks of freedom out of the entire year as your reality. Take control and live fully on your own terms – it’s YOUR life and don't you dare let ANYONE tell you otherwise!

There is no time for excuses because this time WILL pass anyway and you can never get it back - regardless if you make changes or not. So make it worth it now because if you don’t initiate change, if you don't take positive action, NOTHING will change! Pay the price now, so you can pay any price in the future. If this is the life you desire, there are NO excuses!

Our world is abundant with opportunities. However, if you don’t initiate the change… then indeed, nothing will change. This is entirely up to you. Consider me your resource! I truly wish for you, a full life of freedom and abundance that you deserve 🙂 —It's possible!

— James Woodyatt | Escapade Entrepreneurs

`` Life is either a daring adventure... or nothing at all. ``


—Helen Keller

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